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Why This Is Cheaper Than Renting ~

It's no secret - you pay your landlord a LOT more than he pays for his monthly mortgage payment. Rentals are a for-profit business, why kid ourselves? When you set up a lease with option OR take over payments, you are getting the home at the same rate as the monthly mortgage payments - which, on average, are between $300-700/mo LESS than renting the same property!

This one pretty well speaks for itself. With these types of properties, the homeowner is not so much looking to make a profit as he/she is trying to get someone in there ASAP to cover the payments to ensure that they don't end up delinquent damaging their credit. For that reason, they're not going to ask you to put down a deposit or require a down payment, which cuts your move-in costs quite literally in half (if not by more).

No Credit Check or Application Fees

One of the more overlooked expenses in the search for a new rental. Most Landlords charge between $35-50 PER ADULT applicant PER Property, with no guarantee of acceptance even if you have PERFECT credit! The average couple looking at 3 rentals will end up forking out $210-300 in App fees alone! 

Lower Monthly Payments Than Rent

No Deposit or Down Payment Of Any Kind

Lease With Option To Buy

Perfect for someone looking for a more short term rental, Military families, individuals with traveling occupations, and for those of us who want the opportunity to live in a home for a while - perhaps a few years - before committing to whether or not we want to go through with purchasing that particular home. 

Mobile Homes / Manufactured Housing


By far one of the most economical solutions to your home search. This is by far one of the most cost-effective and practical options. With these listings, customers have been able to BUY these types of properties OUTRIGHT for as little as $1500 or less!****

 Take Over Payments For Ownership

Very simply - Do a "Quit Claim Deed" with the homeowner. They transfer the titrle of the property to your name, and you simply continue making payments. We provide all of the necessary documents including the Quit Claim, Transfer of Ownership, etc.

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What You Get With Us:

  • Over 15 Years of Industry Experience Working For YOU
  • Unlimited access to our Complete Database
  • All Property details provided before you set up a walk through​
  • Access to Rentals, and Rent To Own homes that are Cheaper than renting no matter which angle you approach it!

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